Are you measuring your business’ Customer Effort Score (CES)?

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A few weeks ago, we have talked about NPS (Net Promoter Score) as the de facto standard for measuring Customer Loyalty. In 2008, the CCC (Customer Contact Leadership Council) a division of the Corporate Executive Board (CEB is now part of Gartner) created the Customer Effort Score (CES), as a better alternative to NPS. CCC believes their CES metric […]

A Customer Loyalty Example: A Hair Salon

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This article came out of a simple friendly conservation whether a small business could benefit by investing in Customer Loyalty. Of course, we all started talking about restaurants (we all have our favorites) but the ladies present stirred the conversation to hair salons. Obviously, all discussed below applies not only to barber shops too but […]

An Introduction to Customer Loyalty

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We will start this brief introduction with a definition of customer loyalty, what it entails and some factors that sustain customer loyalty in organizations. Internet (and business literature in general) is full of definitions of Customer Loyalty – and they are all similar. For us, Customer Loyalty is the Likelihood of previous customers to return […]