Advanced Digital Strategies

We can help you develop your Advanced Digital Strategies. And we are talking about Real Long- Term Strategies – no tricks and tips on optimizing your SEO stuff.

Brand Influence & Customer Loyalty PR

From using PR to create Loyal Customers all the way to Brand Crisis Management

Consumer Development

We built Consumer Communities, we do Habit Development and Habit Maintenance, and all sorts of Behavior Engineering. All with a sole focus to maintain your acquired customers. That simple!

How-to : Consulting

Our Hands-on Consulting Services is a combination of PR and Marketing activities focusing solely on the permanent retainment of your Customers.  We consult strictly on the following areas:

  • Customer Loyalty (via) PR
  • Customer Satisfaction + Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Experience + Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Architecture Maintenance
  • Consumer Behavior and Insights
  • B2B / Supplier Customer Loyalty
  • Visual Data Analytics and Visual Storytelling 
  • Advanced Digital Strategies
  • (Voters Loyalty / Digital Political Marketing)

Measure-to : Real Customer Loyalty Analytics

All these great Customer Retention ideas must be measured properly and objectively. Let us work with you and measure things, like:

  • How satisfied are  your Customers
  • How effective are your Loyalty programmes
  • Projection Tests of your Digital Marketing campaigns (before committing to any major investment – preventing advertisement flops)
  • Predictive Analytics  and data from all your Customer Touchpoints (Call To) Actions
  • Visual Interpretation of all your Digital actions
  • What do your Field Marketing Analytics say
  • Other – we can measure everything….


Without measuring, how can you tell whether you are improving? Leave the Measurement Engineering to us please.


Learn-To : Training

And of course, we provide all sorts of training strictly with a Customer Loyalty / Customer Retention focus.  All trainings can be offered at an introductory/ intermediate level or at an advanced one.

Typical training topics include -for example :

  • Customer Support
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Loyalty programmes
  • Measuring Customer Loyalty
  • Predictive Analytics
  • various Digital Marketing topics…


We are the only ones to offer a FREE 1-Month postdelivery Support for all our trainings!!!