Social Media Strategy – does Your Business need one? (Part 2)

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In part one of this article, we talked about the importance of a social media strategy and how businesses must focus on having their strategy right. A good social media strategy is absolutely imperative for improved social engagement and profit. Social media continues to grow every day and according to statistics from Internet World, internet […]

Why B2B Buyers are Loyal to certain Suppliers

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Most of us when we think of Customer Loyalty, we ‘identify’ it with the Loyalty of a Customer to a Business / Organization, but rarely think of it in terms of Loyalty in the B2B (=Business to Business) arena. But of course, the notion of Customer Loyalty applies to any product or service offered by […]

6- WhatsApp ways for better Customer Loyalty

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We have been writing about Social Media, Inbound Marketing and Customer Loyalty. Let’s have a look today specifically on (using) WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been growing by leaps and bounds: In 2015, WhatsApp had 1 billion monthly users who… …Who (the users) exchanged 42 billion messages ….and 1.6 billion photos a day. The WhatsApp platform supports 53 languages, which makes it […]

Is there a ROI for Social Media?

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We all witness constantly this ‘craze’, mesmorization and obsession with Social Media. Every year, more and more billions of dollars are spent worldwide on amazingly elaborate efforts to establish and maintain a social media presence; and this number of billions of dollars is going to increase every year, especially with live-streamed videos in Social Media […]

7 facility management practices to drive customer loyalty

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Being customer focused nowadays is a necessity to conduct business not only just in Ghana but everywhere in the world. “True competitive advantage will only be established through excellence in customer value and the ensuing relentless care and attention provided” (Zaria). One of the areas relating to the ‘attention provided’ is the ‘state- of- art’ of the […]

Are you measuring your business’ Customer Effort Score (CES)?

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A few weeks ago, we have talked about NPS (Net Promoter Score) as the de facto standard for measuring Customer Loyalty. In 2008, the CCC (Customer Contact Leadership Council) a division of the Corporate Executive Board (CEB is now part of Gartner) created the Customer Effort Score (CES), as a better alternative to NPS. CCC believes their CES metric […]