Choosing Board Members Part 1: The Basics

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Obviously choosing a BoD properly should result into a visible and measurable set of benefits for any organization. This article will give you a brief exposure on some of guidelines, rules of thumb and best practices. Most of these are also applicable when you are setting up a Board of Advisors for your organization or […]

CEOs and BoDs: What is their relationship?

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CEOs and BoDs: What is their relationship? After yesterday’s publication of my article on BoDs, I received yesterday 8 emails asking that question, so I decide to draft a quick response. I trust this article provides a clarifying answer to this question. The CEO / Managing Director and the BoD. Been a CEO or Managing Director […]

Board of Directors: A brief Introduction for StartUps & SMEs

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About BoDs: A brief Introduction This is the first in a series of weekly articles addressing issues related to BoDs and their efficient functioning, including all relevant Best Practices.   What is a Board of Directors. A Board of Directors (usually abbreviated as BoD) is a group (Board) of either elected or appointed people (BoD Members) who together they […]

Inbound PR


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You most likely have heard of Inbound Marketing – a famed tool used by all marketers today for spotting, developing and nurturing prospects to become customers. Inbound Marketing was created a bit more than 10 years ago by a company named Hubspot (by the way, they have a very good & free online Inbound Marketing class). The […]

Consumer Touchpoints for Marketing & PR

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This is an extract from a talk that we gave on April 18th 2018 at MEST (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology), as par of our CSR Activities for April, the International Month of Customer Loyalty   Why care about Consumer Touchpoints? The most common mistake Marketers do, is to go from defining the potential target-customers’ […]

Customer Loyalty & the Bowman’s Clock

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Customer loyalty and client retention is the primary focus of our PR Firm: HireLoyalty.  If you have followed our past articles, you would have seen that all the topics which we write about end up with how the companies can influence customer loyalty and retention. At HireLoyalty we believe that true ‘fans’ and fanatics of […]

Digital PT and Marketing Tools

Digital Darwinism in 2018

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Almost every professional has the right tools for his/her trade and Digital Marketers are no exception to it. A lot of times, we are asked by clients or even other colleagues: what is the best tool for this or for that digital marketing functionality? This is a natural, intuitive and rather a simple question, but the […]