Customer Loyalty

The “CTI+Stanbic Incubator” Customer Loyalty Training

Dear All,

First of all thank you for your attendance.  I am sorry that I had to ‘squeeze’ what is normally a 2-3 days training with plenty of discussion into just 40-50 minutes.

But I hope that at least, you are now aware of what Customer Loyalty is and how important/ critical it is for the Hospitality Industry.


Second, I wish that I had the opportunity to chit-chat with all of you, so I could know you better and understand you better too, both as individuals and as business. The good news is that I am reachable via WhatsApp text at:

+233 20 741 3060 (Business) and

+233 50 292 3706 (Personal).

Also, please feel sincerely most welcome to connect with me at (yep, that’s me- I prefer to keep a low, modest and humble profile; this is why I don’t do elaborate self-introductions) but please be so kind to just add a 1-line note/reminder of who I know you.

We also be most humbly honored if you could -please- follow us on Linkedin (


The PDF has plenty of information to create awareness and also plenty of items to google 🙂

(yes, you can create customized ‘bitlys’ for free)

Thanks again and I hope to meet you soon. Kindly have a great and blessed weekend with your families please.


PS: I have written several articles that you might find useful – most of them are to be found at or at old prints of the B&FT… Till I had my ‘hand-accident’, I used to write once a week – will start that soon