Advanced Digital PR Strategies

We can help you develop your Advanced Digital PR & Marketing Strategies. And we are talking about Real Long- Term Strategies – no just simply tactical tricks and tips on optimizing your SEO stuff.

Brand Influence & Customer Loyalty PR

From using PR to retain and turn existing Customers into Loyal ones, all the way to Brand Influence and Reputation / Crisis Management.

Consumer Development PR

We help you to built your Consumer Communities, we assist in Habit Development and Habit Maintenance, and all sorts of Behavior Engineering. All with a sole focus to maintain your acquired customers. That simple!

How-to : Strategic PR Consulting

Our Hands-on Strategic PR Consulting & Marketing Services focus solely on the permanent retainment of your existing Customers.


We consult strictly in the following areas:

  • Classical, Digital & Inbound PR (we are the only ones in West Africa doing Inbound PR)
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 
  • Customer Experience+ Customer Loyalty
  • High Impact Content Marketing (classic PR)
  • Moments of Inspiration follow-up Strategies
  • Brand Architecture Maintenance + Relevance
  • Consumer Behavior Insights & Brand Loyalty
  • B2B / Supplier Customer Loyalty
  • Visual Data Analytics and Visual Storytelling (we create active tribes / communities/ followers for your products and services)
  • Advanced Digital PR Strategies

Measure-to : Real PR & Loyalty Analytics

Without measuring, how can you tell what is improving? Leave the Measurement Engineering to us please.


We measure -properly and objectively- things, like:

  • How much satisfied are  your Customers
  • How effective are your Loyalty programmes
  • Pre-evaluation of Digital Marketing & Advertising campaigns (before committing to any major investment flops)
  • How impactful if your Storytelling?
  • Effectiveness of your Social Media Content
  • Customer Journey Efficiency
  • Predictive Analytics and data from all your Customer Touchpoints (Call To) Actions
  • Visual Interpretation of all your Digital actions
  • What do your Field Marketing Analytics say
  • Other – we can measure everything….

Learn-To : Sales PR & Loyalty Training

We provide all sorts of training at all levels, aiming to train you into turning all existing Customers into Loyal Champions of your Brand!


Typical training topics include -for example :

  • Customer Service and Customer Support
  • Sales & Customer Satisfaction
  • Setting up Customer Loyalty programmes
  • Measuring Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction
  • Predictive Analytics
  • StoryTelling How-to / the PR Way
  • Content Development for Specific Platforms
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Digital PR (we are even writing the book on it)
  • Inbound PR (we ‘almost’ co-invented it)
  • various PR & Digital Marketing topics…

We are the only ones to offer a FREE 1-Month postdelivery Support for all our trainings!!!